Is it really Senior Year?

September 19, 2008

Its senior year and to be honest, I have yet to do two things.  1) Put my complete efforts into my school work and 2) Actually make progress towards my future.  Hampton University prides itself on the ‘traditional’ ways of life. Suit, tie, skirts and smiles. Hampton University is a place where the young black elite compete for perfection under the Universities standards.

I myself have been a victim of feeling like I needed to push harder, faster and stronger towards an image that is not my own.  May 10, 2009 is quickly approaching and as I venture to close this chapter in my life and open a new one, I feel compelled to try and leave my mark.  A mark that speaks independence, resilience and loyalty.  Yes I said loyalty, to a school that has left so many memories.  And whether those memories are forgettable, forgiveable or forever fun, they will always be mine.

Senior Year.  May 2009.  Its time to be authentic.  Its also time that I read this and inspire myself to strive for Excellence.