September 21, 2008

So this year’s homecoming fashion show is entitled, BLACK FACE. Hmmm…are you offended yet? Not me.  Why? Because I was one of the 3 girls who sat down one hot summer day and came up with the name.  Black Face wont, nor will ever be a name boxed into the simple minds of those who find it offensive.  Instead it’s a representation of what we feel African American models represent in the superficial world of modeling, just as a ‘black face.’

So before you condemn a ‘name’ of a fashion show, at a Historically Black College and University, take a step back, examine just what we could possibly do ‘creatively’ to an image that society has grouped young, talented black models in.

Then revel in the fact that this show just might be a positive representation of what the ‘black face’ has to offer.  Google: All-Black Vogue Italia.  Read about this black spread and how it sold out almost instantly.

Then think about Hampton University’s homecoming fashion show, BLACK FACE, October 27, 2008.

See you there.