Let’s Talk About It!

November 16, 2008

133447202I don’t know if you guys have heard, but Beyonce is about to come out with a killer CD.  After  listening to a few of her tracks I must admit the Bey has taken her usual pop sound and transformed it into her own.  I Am Sasha Fierce will provide all of her fans with that booty bumpin’ girl power sound while her I Am will give her more soulful and lyrically sound fans the opportunity to see her raw and open.  I am in love with the few tracks that I have heard.  Let’s show our support guys!

Check out “Halo” & “Diva”


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What Lies Beneath

November 16, 2008

9ccarhj89ocakn7icpcau71315caclrugfcay5r06gca1u6wgkcat6hrzxcaog8zmeca47ncbncaw4cq2vcahzlja4ca73ezujcaq9oookca1ox93ecapnd775cavcql81caougw86casvc57wWhen you are entering into a new ‘experience’ (or relationship) as I like to call it, there can be various bumps in the road that deter you from fully giving of yourself.  This issue deems true in any type of bond you share with a person whether it is friendship or that of a significant other.
As I continue my journey through my twenties I have come understand my ‘narrow view of relationships and what is expected.’ In fact, I find that I might be a little disadvantaged.  But at the same time that advantage that has kept me behind the crowd has also saved me from making bad choices that could have possibly changed the direction of my life.
I may or may not have had every experience in the book, but definitely know that I do know when to turn the page or even finish the book and pick up a new one called, “Better.”




A Little On Love

November 11, 2008


L-O-V-E!!! I remember thinking I was in love once before. Whispering sweet nothings to each other and believing that what we had was “real.” Constantly being told that what we had was just “puppy love” and that it wasn’t the real thing; yet, we believed we were inevitable, defying all the odds with our love for one other. Needless to say…we are no longer together. Isn’t it interesting how you utter the words “I love you”, and then meet another and realize that what you once had before couldn’t have possibly been love. Well, that’s where I am now in life, because what I feel now is not at all comparable to anything in the past. And though I love him, this love is still an embryo; it has yet to grow into what it will become. I feel as if I’m constantly on Cloud 9, never wanting (and praying) to come down. I’m constantly asking myself if I am too young to feel the way I do, because it is so much out there and I have so much life left to live. But I’m quickly reminded that it doesn’t matter, when a smile appears on my face as I see his name pop up on my phone or even a Good Morning on my text messages. Point blank, I’m happy and there’s nothing else to it.

So ladies and gents, remember to follow YOUR own heart; be happy. Let no words dictate your life just allow them to help construct your journey, because what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

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Stars such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Russell Simmons and Mary J. Blige surprised early voters in Miami, Florida this past weekend.  

Its good to see such mega stars out in the public eye bringing  positive  vibes towards this year’s election.  Let’s Go Barack!!!





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November 3, 2008

November 4, 2008 is right around the corner. Its time to make  history.  

Homecoming With My Girls

November 3, 2008

As many of you know, I do have some of the best friends here at Hampton University.  These girls are truly the reason I have so many crazy memories that no one will ever know about.  I love you ladies & though Homecoming wasn’t as fun as we expected just know that we got many more years to make up for it!

Here are some good moments.

Who Are Your Real Friends?

November 3, 2008

Being in college allows you to see the real importance of maintaining authentic friendships.  Throughout the 3 years that I have been in college I have acquired some imperative insight on what friendships are all about.  Of course some are real, while others are fake. But the difference between the person who has strong relationships for years following college and the other, who has lost all contact, is what you choose to make of each friendship that you acquire.

            Yes, it is true that you have to ‘show face’ toward certain people here at Hampton, but does that mean those people encompass the friendship qualities that you need or deserve? 

            All too often I feel girls get caught up in this emotional state.  Always seeing the cool kids pass by.  Never taking the time to acknowledge your presence. And to you, they seem to have it together.  But if you only knew.  

In terms of popularity some people do not understand the price that is paid until they are in that situation.   Superficial friendships can and will result in hurt from the more innocent party.  I have seen it and felt the repercussions of settling for friendships that are not beneficial. 

My advice to all those who are struggling to ‘fit in’ or feel a sense of acceptance is to first feel it within yourself and trust that  once you have acquired a better sense of who you are and what types of people you wish to attract, things will all fall into place.



oldstockAs a senior in college, I couldn’t help but be excited to attend alumni cabarets this year.  But after recapping this past weekend’s events I can’t help but to ask when you as an alumni stop coming to these parties? 

            I walked into the bathroom and overheard a lady speaking with her friends about how she left her husband at home and was looking to have some fun.  She also mentioned that she was upset that the DJ did not give her class a shot out.  “They called out class of 2004 to 2008, but not us!” said the lady. 

            Now I cannot say much about being too old to attend these parties because technically I am not an alumnus, so the party was not for me.  But at some point I feel as an adult you need to reserve the party life for those who have just recently graduated and instead enjoy the social events that don’t include putting on your freakum dress and dropping it like it’s hot.