A Moment of Faith with L.A.

November 17, 2008

n80600558_30371572_8099Blind Faith
Through out my life joy and pain have come and gone, 
But joy never seems to last too long, 
i sat back and began to wonder IS THIS IT, IS THIS WHERE I BELONG? 
Stuck in between happy and sad? 
until one day God gave me a paintbrush and said 
“With this tool you shall paint all lifes experiences weather good or bad…” 
My head started spinning out of control, 
How could he allow me to edure such a task? 
but i sighed and agreed and did as i was told. 
He went on to say, 
“I’ll supply you with the colors of life, 
it wont be until you find salvation in trials and strife that your souldwill grow.” 
The night i was in a restless mode, 
thinking where shall i begin, was there a 9-digit answer code, 
i got up opened the paint canisters and began slow strokes, 
Left and right my rist moved, 
I must have layered the canvas with a hundred different coats, 
my mind raced and couldnt accept the thought of being bothered, 
You would think pain was black and blue, 
not knowing that slowly but surely joy always shined through, 
Until this one strange day, 
my painting started to fade as if the sun was beating down 
and there was no finding shade, 
the colors began to vanish with out any logical explanation, 
Gazing at it for hours, I gave up and ended this tiring examination, 
I picked up my paintbrush and started again 
only this time the colors were more beautiful than ever. 
on that very day God spoke again and asked me, 
“What do you see?” 
I told him, “Brilliant golds and oranges before me.” 
He then brought a man with all the riches and successes he ever desired and asked, 
“What do u see?” he answered, 
“You fools, there is nothing but a blank canvas before me!” 
it was then my soul was set free, 
Free from anger pain and lifes bonding chain, 
God said, “I gave you a tool that you thought did nothing, 
I gave you a task and you then made something. 
That something turned to be my mercy and love. 
Now you see your faith has soared as an innocent white dove. 
You have painted for many many days, 
it is now you have learned to see with blind faith.” 

Poem By: Loy Azalia


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