Public Service Announcement

November 16, 2008

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: For all those who are suffering from Senoritis.  If you have been acquiring  cold sweats while in class, anxiety while taking notes. If looking at the clock and realizing that you still have 45 minutes left of your 1hr. and 15 minute class. If you look down at your notebook and then back at the projector screen and suddenly become dizzy or have a loss of breathe, I have the cure for you.  It is a simple procedure and it will take only 5 minutes of your time. 

Ready Okay. 

Take a pencil and break it.  Take your notebook and throw it! Put on your favorite song to dance to.  Kick!! (yes, I said KICK) off your shoes and run one lap around your room screaming the words.  Jump on any furniture around working up a sweat.  Now, stop.  Take a deep breathe and realize that you just gave yourself a preview of what you will be doing May 11, 2009. 

Warning: Please do this at home while no one is watching.



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