HU/HU Fashion Show

September 15, 2008


HU vs. HU Fashion Show

On September 13, 2008 Hampton University Pirates hosted it’s annual Howard University vs. Hampton University football game. The built up anticipation for the game has long been apart of the Hampton/Howard rivalry, bringing  an immense number of students, administration and alumni from both universities.

This year both Hampton and Howard students decided to come together and create a fashion show for the masses (i.e. all those who felt obligated to look over the top for a football game).  “I think it was a really good idea to have the schools come together for a fashion show, especially since Hampton and Howard both are known for having the best style out of all of the HBCU’s,” said Senior Tyra Jackson. Jackson’s statement deemed true as the audience  dressed in everything from stiletto pumps to dresses that were fit for a cocktail hour. “ My roommate’s went to the mall to buy new outfits for the game” said senior Erin Kelton.

As the fashion show began and students circled the runway, it was clear that Hampton and Howard had more in common then just an abbreviated name. The models walked to 3 scenes, all of which included hip and model savvy music, perfect for the runway.  

From the makeup to the attire, the models drew in a semi-large crowd. “Each model carried herself in a different way what seemed to be a completely different walk. I liked all of the choreography,” said freshman Jasmine Green.

The show brought two rival schools together on one runway for the same purpose, to entertain. The name might still be up for argument, but one thing remains true, style is second nature to all who carry the name “H.U.”



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  1. Who’s running for President of the United States?

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