So gang! After about a month after my last post a lot has happened.  I am know here and dedicated to giving you the newest scoop as it comes in! I am excited to take this blog to new levels, now that I am no longer in a class that forces topics upon me and my blog.

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Its Been A While

February 12, 2009

So it has been a good, little minute since I have written on here. I plan on making a serious come back after Valentines Day, so be ready WORLD….

Im out.

This morning my  roomie and I woke up on a mission, to get to Walmart ASAP & pick up the Delux Edition of Beyonce’s new “I Am Sasha Fierce” CD.

This is a pic of the lovely ladies at Walmart getting us the Goods!!!


Sasha Fierce Is Almost Here!

November 17, 2008

n18409566_35665411_95481Beyonce’s new cd “I Am Sasha Fierce” will be in stores tomorrow, November 18, 2008.  Be ready for greatness.  After hearing more than half of the cd already, I definitely have changed my opinion of her as an artist and truly believe this is one of her best cd’s! So everyone cop that joint! 😉

_44460917_andre1_bodyThe Reviews are in! Benjamin Bixby, better known as Andre 3000 is creating quite a stir in the world of fashion.  Bixby’s 1930’s football inspired clothing is as unique as only he is.  From the Benjamin Bixby Slouchy Newsboy Cap to his ever so creative vintage inspired ties, Bixby is making his mark in the men’s fashion industry. 

Check out his clothes at Barneys! And fellas, if your lucky you might get your ladies to buy you a few pieces for the holiday season.

What’s up with guys and their need to ‘sow their wild oats?’ And what are the realities that both men and women need to face in terms of maturity within relationships.

Story Coming Soon.

True Friend Indeed

November 17, 2008

In one of my earlier posts I wrote about friendship & how important it is to find authentic relationships.  I have been blessed with a best friend who by far is a direct gift from God.  Together, we have endured more ups and downs then many people will ever know. Throughout our most vulnerable moments we have always been able to come together, go to God, and work it out.  Back in high school she wrote this poem called ‘Blind Faith.’  It is one of my most valuable and treasured poems.  So just to give props to my best friend I wanted to share part of this with you.

A Moment of Faith with L.A.

November 17, 2008

n80600558_30371572_8099Blind Faith
Through out my life joy and pain have come and gone, 
But joy never seems to last too long, 
i sat back and began to wonder IS THIS IT, IS THIS WHERE I BELONG? 
Stuck in between happy and sad? 
until one day God gave me a paintbrush and said 
“With this tool you shall paint all lifes experiences weather good or bad…” 
My head started spinning out of control, 
How could he allow me to edure such a task? 
but i sighed and agreed and did as i was told. 
He went on to say, 
“I’ll supply you with the colors of life, 
it wont be until you find salvation in trials and strife that your souldwill grow.” 
The night i was in a restless mode, 
thinking where shall i begin, was there a 9-digit answer code, 
i got up opened the paint canisters and began slow strokes, 
Left and right my rist moved, 
I must have layered the canvas with a hundred different coats, 
my mind raced and couldnt accept the thought of being bothered, 
You would think pain was black and blue, 
not knowing that slowly but surely joy always shined through, 
Until this one strange day, 
my painting started to fade as if the sun was beating down 
and there was no finding shade, 
the colors began to vanish with out any logical explanation, 
Gazing at it for hours, I gave up and ended this tiring examination, 
I picked up my paintbrush and started again 
only this time the colors were more beautiful than ever. 
on that very day God spoke again and asked me, 
“What do you see?” 
I told him, “Brilliant golds and oranges before me.” 
He then brought a man with all the riches and successes he ever desired and asked, 
“What do u see?” he answered, 
“You fools, there is nothing but a blank canvas before me!” 
it was then my soul was set free, 
Free from anger pain and lifes bonding chain, 
God said, “I gave you a tool that you thought did nothing, 
I gave you a task and you then made something. 
That something turned to be my mercy and love. 
Now you see your faith has soared as an innocent white dove. 
You have painted for many many days, 
it is now you have learned to see with blind faith.” 

Poem By: Loy Azalia

Senior White House Advisor

November 16, 2008

jarretPresident-elect Barack Obama has appointed Valerie Jarrett to serve as Senior White House Advisor.  Jarrett was a former Board of Directors for the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corporation.  She also was a board member on several organizations in Chicago that provided funding and support for Chicago housing projects.

Public Service Announcement

November 16, 2008

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: For all those who are suffering from Senoritis.  If you have been acquiring  cold sweats while in class, anxiety while taking notes. If looking at the clock and realizing that you still have 45 minutes left of your 1hr. and 15 minute class. If you look down at your notebook and then back at the projector screen and suddenly become dizzy or have a loss of breathe, I have the cure for you.  It is a simple procedure and it will take only 5 minutes of your time. 

Ready Okay. 

Take a pencil and break it.  Take your notebook and throw it! Put on your favorite song to dance to.  Kick!! (yes, I said KICK) off your shoes and run one lap around your room screaming the words.  Jump on any furniture around working up a sweat.  Now, stop.  Take a deep breathe and realize that you just gave yourself a preview of what you will be doing May 11, 2009. 

Warning: Please do this at home while no one is watching.